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Winner: New Comedian Of The Year 2017/2018 Piccadilly Comedy Club

It could have gone any which way, but I’m glad it went mine:’s_beaton_the_others

Sunday Paper Review, with Nikki Bedi – BBC Radio London

Lovely to be guest on Nikki’s Bedi’s show reviewing the Sunday papers. No complaints, apart from the early Sunday alarm call… Check it out here:

Museum Of Curiosity, BBC Radio 4

I’d almost forgotten what larks we had recording this back in April until it went out recently on Radio 4. Have a listen to me donating the entire population of the Netherlands to the Museum of Curiosity, with John Lloyd, Romesh Ranganathan, Sally Phillips & Suzy Lishman:

Edinburgh 2017

Tired, happy, stunned, and above all proud after sell-out run of first solo show – Super Cally Fragile Lipstick – at Just The Tonic in Edinburgh. 4**** reviews, national press coverage and picked as Best of Edinburgh Fringe by The Arts Desk. OK by me:

Saturday Live, BBC Radio 4

If you want to hear what me, Martine McCutcheon and Benjamin Mee (played by Matt Damon in We Bought A Zoo) have in common, have a listen to this: