In April 2021, Cally launched Namaste Motherf**kers –  the only podcast where the worlds of work, comedy and wellbeing collide; the podcast where the life-changing stuff happens.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a national treasure? Or whether you can help yourself with self-help? If it’s possible to get rich quick without being a dick? Or how many close family members have to die before you get a dog? With the help of celebrity guests and experts Cally gets to the stories you’ve never heard before – uncovering not your normal life lessons, but some big ones nonetheless.

Cally knows a thing or two about self-help, having helped herself out of a boardroom career to become a full-time comedian, just before a global pandemic. As well as finding out what makes her guests tick, she finds out what makes them laugh. Each episode culminates in that week’s guest identifying three things: their own Namaste Mother**king life-changing moment, their favourite joke, and the life advice they most want Cally’s listeners to hear.

Namaste Motherf**kers puts heart and humour into the worlds of work and wellbeing, with the guarantee that saving your soul has never been more fun. 

Cally’s podcast is released weekly in collaboration with Auddy Shows and Pod People Productions, featuring specially-commissioned music by Jake Yapp, and is available on Apple, Spotify and all podcast platforms.

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